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Environmental Site Assessments

R.E.A. personnel have been responsible for conducting and managing environmental site assessments following ASTM guidelines for Transaction Screens, Phase I, and Phase II assessments. Representative projects have included:

  • U.S. EPA & VT Brownfield sites;

  • Large residential subdivisions;

  • State development projects;

  • Agricultural land;  Industrial facilities; and

  • Commercial properties.


R.E.A. personnel have completed environmental site assessments for local and regional banks, property owners, real estate brokers, developers, business owners, and various financial institutions.

Petroleum Investigations

R.E.A. personnel have provided oversight during routine UST closures and cleanup of fuel spills involving up to several hundred gallons of various petroleum products. Basic services include:

  • Development of Spill Prevention, Control 
    & Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans;

  • Routine UST Closure Assessments;

  • Initial Site Investigations;

  • Sensitive Receptor Surveys;

  • Evaluation of Corrective Action Alternatives (ECAA) and

  • Corrective Action & Site Remediation

Water Supply Services

R.E.A. personnel manage numerous public water systems (PWS) for a wide range of clients including: towns, small subdivisions, schools condominium associations, and office buildings. Responsibilities include overall project planning, negotiations with State agencies, implementation of water quality sampling programs, water system inspections, data interpretation, and report preparation. R.E.A.’s water system services include:

  • Water System Planning & Design ;

  • Drinking Water Compliance Sampling;

  • Water Supply Permitting & Compliance;

  • Mapping & Water Resource Evaluations;

  • Fracture Trace Analyses;

  • Analysis of Hydrologic Budgets; and

  • Water Quality Assessments

Remediation Services

R.E.A.’s remediation experience includes treating soil and ground water contaminated with petroleum products and chlorinated industrial solvents. Responsibilities have include defining vertical and lateral extent of contaminant plumes, identifying sensitive receptors, evaluating remedial alternatives, conducting pilot tests, and evaluating pilot test data. Remediation activities have involved:

  • Free Product Recovery,

  • Soil-Vapor Extraction,

  • Air Sparging,

  • Vacuum-Enhanced Recovery,

  • Oxygen Injection,

  • Bio-venting,

  • Ground Water Pump & Treat,

  • Source Removal, and

  • Replacing Impacted Drinking Water Supplies.

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